A downloadable game for Windows

This is a new game for Windows PC, based on a my idea that is born developing code for Applesoft BASIC on the Apple II. 

So i thought why not try to make something more modern with new programming languages and emulators possibility... and here we are with a prototype of interactive adventure game. I have developed the code first in Windows and a part in Applesoft.

To Diagnose the Apple II i have developed in Applesoft a fake diagnostic program (it's a floppy .dsk image called MASTER), run it from Applewin selecting it inside his folder, i try to upload it with setting but Applewin lose them while uploading on itch.io.

I have developed in Applesoft a more real Fake Diagnostic have a look at the new download.

I have changed the path of the itch.io app download if you want to save from browser or app save in this path: 


For example select install in itch.io app then menage than slect a path : C\ and with right mouse click add a new folder call it WOZ and select the path in itch.io than insall.

It's possible to install Trinus VR to run The program in 3d Virtual Reality, to download Trinus Cardboard go at this page: https://www.trinusvirtualreality.com/  read instructions.



Woz Aii Adventure.rar 3 MB

Install instructions

To install unrar with winrar in Desktop and click over the .exe icon inside the application folder to run it. You can run it directly inside itch.io app for windows.

Development log

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