A downloadable project for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is a ZX SPECTRUM Operating System  interface  based on 128k Sinclair BASIC. I have fully invented and programmed it. I have implemented some functions:

MEM to show fake ram memory : ).

NEW  enter, to clear screen

CLS 1 TO CLS 7 enter, to change the 7 border color

CLS enter, to come back to grey screen.

Now you can play 7 notes from DO,RE,MI,FA,SOL,LA,SI then press enter ,to play a music note

SONG to play a song.

if you write 10 PRINT HELLO WORLD enter, you get a BASIC answer.

I have added a real Calculator. you can call it writing CALCULATOR inside the OS. There are some mathematical functions +, -, *, / ,^,%,TAN,COS,SIN. you can call them at the operand entry.

Added a functional COPY - PASTE of my invention function to use it write COPY enter, then the words you want to paste and PASTE enter. writing PASTE 2 you can repeat the  PASTE every time you want.

Added a Guessing little game inside the emulator write GUESS1000 enter, then yes in short letter to play.

Added a Chronograph Write KRONO to call the Chronograph application.

Added a Reset keystroke to come back to the initial screen. the keystroke is RESET* enter.

Added an algorithm to see the second number printed on screen in the Calculator when making operations.

Install instructions

To load the application use a ZX Spectrum emulator capable to load .z80 snapshot files. For any platform.



Development log