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This is a Coco by Tandy Computer Piano programmed and fully invented by me Matteo Trevisan "Toolkitman".

To play note press q, w, e, r, t ,y ,u ,2,3,5,6,7.

It's a remake of Hardware Mini Piano for Kids from 80's.

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Published 67 days ago
Tags8-bit, coco, computer, Ludum Dare 38, piano, prototype, tandy

Install instructions

To load it use Coco Vcc (to download go here http://www.coco4.com/vcc/downl...)emulator for windows and click over configuration then select config select Tape and from browse select the file inside your download folder in your computer, press Play go back to the COCO BASIC, the green screen and write CLOAD enter, when the cassette is loaded the counts stop, close the vcc options windows, write RUN and enter inside the COCO BASIC emulator, you are ready to play piano!


Coco Piano#.cas (1,018 bytes)

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