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This is a COCO TANDY Computer fake interface emulator for Z80. I have fully invented and programmed it from the Coco Tandy interface. I have implemented some functions:

MEM to show fake ram memory : ).

NEW  enter, to clear screen

CLS 1 TO CLS 7 enter, to change the 7 border color

CLS enter, to come back to green

Now you can play 7 notes from PLAY STR1 TO PLAY STR7 enter ,to play a music note

SONG to play a song.

if you write 10 PRINT HELLO WORLD enter, you get a BASIC answer.

I have added a real Calculator. you can call it writing CALCULATOR inside the OS. There are some mathematical functions +, -, *, / ,^,%,TAN,COS,SIN. you can call them at the operand entry.

Added a functional COPY - PASTE of my invention function to use it write COPY enter, then the words you want to paste and PASTE enter. writing PASTE 2 you can repeat the  PASTE every time you want.

Added a Guessing little game inside the emulator write GUESS1000 enter, then yes in short letter to play.

Added a Chronograph that counts numbers from 0 to a number set by user. Write KRONO to call the Chronograph application then write a number then return, after the count you will be again in the OS interface ready to write another command or letter.

Added a Reset keystroke to come back to the initial screen. the keystroke is RESET* enter.

Added an algorithm to see the second number printed on screen in the Calculator when making operations.

Install instructions

You can use any platform emulator that run .z80 files


COCO FAKE OS EMU 8.z80 (9 kB)

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